“TOCHT” is a theatrical installation, which deals with the cause and consequence of human actions. This is a perceptive performance in which the public themselves is literally running the show. The public trickled in and strolled through a 100 metres long tunnel made of wooden poles, steel wire, objects, and canvas. In here are located many rooms where each time you have to make selections and perform actions. Moreover, these actions do not only deal with you yourself! The players, who are located above the heads of the public, will tempt all the visitors to make choices within their performance. During this journey it shall ultimately become clear to the visitors that they themselves cause the consequences in the tunnel.

The landscape of the location is the basis for the performance. In here we take the public along across pastures, through ditches, across bridges and into buildings. This type of Land-Art carries the expressive and musical signature of Tuig.

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