Because it is not easy to keep things that begin with enthusiasm and naivety in harmony with yourself. It is quite a job to get everything going. Once things are moving and you start to get used to the benefits, it is hard to keep things in balance. It may be at the expense of friendships, people or nature. It is imperative that it becomes bigger and bigger. Stagnation means decline. Can this be sustained? Will everything grind to a standstill or can you slow it down yourself?

All these elements are symbolised by a flywheel that is set and kept in motion by manpower. This performance is for about 350 people sitting on tiered seating opposite each other.

concept: Marc van Vliet

direction: Anke Boerstra

direction advice Jos Thie

composition: Jeroen van Vliet

play: Anneke Hofman, Johannes Bellinkx, Merel Voorsluis, Valetin Hacke ( or; Emiel Driesten, Hanneke de Man, Dorus vd Meer)

technic: Freek Ros (or; Allex Veldman, Alex Cailliau)

production: Wendy Moonen, Booking: Frans Brood productions


For more info about Stinginess,:

Theater Tuig, Wendy Moonen +31 6 41549669

Booking:Frans Brood productions




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