Salto Vitale

Salto Vitale

A poetic strip cartoon that takes us to life’s peaks.

‘Salto Vitale’ is a performance set between 0 and 14 metres above the ground. A wooden structure with a man on top is raised centimetre by centimetre, by human power, to a height of 14 metres. Fire, air and water play an important part. Each makes its contribution to the final result, the jump. It’s like arriving at the climax of your life and finding ‘The Question’ waiting for you.

What do you decide? Do you take the leap into what is new and unknown? Do you dare let go, do you dare lose as well as win? The message this performance conveys is that you have to go after what you want; take the plunge. Create space for the new, which may be better or worse.

Experiencing this uncertainty makes life what it is.








シアターアンサンブル「Tuig」日本初公演“Salto Vitale”


外劇場を率いて、“Salto Vitale”を上演いたします。 木製の舞台装置を用いて、


軸に、回転、ジャンプなど想像を絶するハードなパ フォーマンスをお楽しみ


『火』、『空気』、『水』と作品との関連性も必見です。 「Tuig」アートデ

ィレクター、マーク・バン・フリートは作品についてこう語ります。 「結果



は そもそも不確実なものだと思うのです。」


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