‘Proportion’ [Proportie]

A 20-hectare landscape project. This will be integrated into the existing operations of an organic livestock farm. Harvesting the grUnknownass from different areas at different times creates colour differences in the landscape. This will be carried out for two months, according to a tight schedule. The land features a dyke, dating from 1600 and rising two metres above ground level, which forms the centre of the installation and from which the installation can be viewed.

The spiral will be accentuated with 144 hay/straw bales. Each side of the path along the spiral will be mowed weekly. The path is accessible from the paved road and leads to the centre of the installation. A resting point in a vast Groningen landscape.

Most people are familiar with the term ‘the Golden Section’ (1:1.618). However, what it exactly means is not so obvious. With this installation, the Golden Section and the Fibonacci sequence are clarified, as well as the connection between art, science, and nature.

The series begins with 0 and 1, and each subsequent element in the series is the sum of the two previous elements. The first elements in the sequence are then as follows: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144…

The project covers an area of 533.94 m x 330 m and is freely accessible from the Kerkweg in Finsterwolde, the Netherlands.

In April 2017, it was 10 years ago that farmer and gallery owner Albert Waalkens passed away. A good reason to remember this prominent Groninger, the farmer who was the fig
urehead and catalyst in the turbulent 1960s of the development of art life in Groningen and the Netherlands.

With the ‘Around Waalkens’ [Rondom Waalkens] event on Saturday 17 June, OCU and Stichting Bewogenaarde will make the 1960s come alive again with contemporary art in and around the former cowshed and gallery: spectacular Land Art, the documentary ‘Art in the Shed’ [Kunst in de Stal], exhibitions, theatre, a school project, food and drink, and music. The exhibitions and the Land Art can also be viewed on Saturdays and Sundays from 18 June through 10 September.









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