Ode à l’éphémère

The work Ode à l’éphémère was opened on 2 June 2019. In the village of Muespach (F).

Between the church and the cemetery, there is a bridge over a small river.

A “hearing aid” is placed on the bridge, the rippling water is amplified here.

From here you can see the “vortex” that shows an opposite rotating current in the river.

I gave the tree stumps a new life, silent witnesses of the trees that stood here. Stainless steel mirror plate has been placed on the stumps, reflecting the sky and giving it a different look every day.

In time, the reflection will be visible between the vegetation.

This work will last for three years, along with many other works that have been added to the Stuwa route over the years. See; https://www.stuwa.fr

The proposition; Stuwa Muespach Eng.

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