Chickens drift



This is a musical strip cartoon about how human beings have drifted away from nature.

We are living as a chicken with its head cut off in a high tempo searching for the golden egg. We move fast as lightening to pick up whatever we can lay our hands on. Nevertheless, we aren’t feeling right as rain here in order to paint the town red. Are we longing for the time when we went to bed with the sun, is it no longer possible to face the pain, or have we just become short sighted?

It’s an expressive triptych about people who no longer know how to butcher a chicken, whether the leaf of the radish contains more nutritional value than the radish itself, about the ‘B-Boom’ nine months after that power failure. On the other hand, there are the human questions applied to modern, efficient life and the casualness of it.

The performance is taking place in an arena put up of wood, steel, straw, crap, reed, and clay. In front of this there is a horse mill pulled by two horses. They are driving a grotesque Pianola with 66 instruments, so that they can play an infinitely varying musical composition. The public shall be driven in to the arena and starting from that moment they depend on each other as if they were a tight herd in order to experience the caged performance.

This physical strip performance of [word missing] shall take place above the hairline, behind the ears, between the legs and in the heads of the public.

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