The Web

“Het Web”

This is a fierce anti spectacle and the counterpart of contemporary franticness.

The authentic materials and concise play are inspired from trade history: the steady acting of human beings upon the land, imperturbable and completely at peace, having only their work in mind. Here you see the ultimate result during the course of the seasons. In the WEB are seated three turret players who, by means of their imperturbable ritual, connect the ropes, tools, and wood to each other. Agonizingly slow the web is formed with the tens of points of light. This is all done for the purpose of the finale where, in the heart of this structure, a large fire shall be ignited. It’s an expressive anti spectacle with as its climax peace and quiet, and beauty. The public is able to behold during four hours the genesis of the web in order to be able to withdraw themselves from the turmoil around them.

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