On a high dune stands the “Kaap” (Cape or Headland), an object inspired by the various beacons located along the shores of the Wadden Sea. A solar phenomenon can be witnessed here, from four points of the compass. Observers will find themselves at the centre of a larger whole, in time, in space, and in a coming together with others.

Glimp is a solar installation, a preliminary sketch for a much larger landscape project, with the sun playing a major role. This landscape project will be further developed over coming years.

Glimp was on display at Kaap Hoorn during the Oerol Festival at Terschelling in 2014.

Description of the installation

Using modern technology, the installation produces a light phenomenon at a gathering place set amongst nature. Heliostats, sun tracking systems, cause mirrors to follow the sun. The mirrors are set up to the North, South, East and West, at a distance from the “meeting place”, and the light they reflect will cause a light phenomenon in the centre. The “phenomenon” will be made visible using a pendulum and a spray of water.

The project seeks to elucidate a natural phenomenon and create an awareness of being part of a greater whole. The daily meeting of people at a special place, with a special event. The observation of a “Glimp”.

Experience at Terschelling indicates that visitors go there by bicycle. 800 visitors a day were counted. People want to see a “glimp”. The “Glimp” is visible when the sun is out, when the mist is triggered (randomly) and when the observer is in the correct position. Visitors alerted one another about where to stand and what was to be discovered.

The heliostats are solar powered and are located independently of the pendulum, at the four points of the compass. The pendulum is intended to keep the mist centred in the tower. The wind pushes the sphere upwind, so that the mist remains in the centre of the tower.

The mist is generated by a high-pressure pump located 100 metres distant. The supply line has been buried to conceal it. A greater distance is possible.


Technical details;

Tower height 7 metres, diameter of water circle 5 metres. Height of pendulum 10 metres. High-pressure pump power supply 16 amp (3500 Watts). Water connection by Gardena. Two days to erect and set up, one day to dismantle.


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