The Getijdenwijzer

The Getijdenwijzer

‘Where land and water meet’

The inner harbour of the marina is a place where ‘sea dogs’ and ‘landlubbers’ meet.

Terschelling is located in the middle of a tidal area, where low and high tide, gullies, and sandbars play a large part in the accessibility of the harbours. The Getijdenwijzer was designed to provide a clear view of which locations can be reached during a certain tide.

The Getijdenwijzer moves with the tide. The mast on the landward side shows channels and harbours. The names over the pointer show which channels are navigable at that time with an average draught of a meter. Taking sailing time into account, the harbours shown above the pointer are accessible.

The mast in the water, at the end of the pointer, is a water level gauge. If you walk towards the end of the pointer – which floats on the water – you will be able to view the history and future of Terschelling. For every hundred years BC and AD, all major and significant events are shown.

Extensive and exact water levels for the whole Wadden Sea can be seen in the harbour building. The way the tides work is explained in further detail here.


The Getijdenwijzer was made possible by:

Management and Harbour Masters Passantenhaven Terschelling Foundation


  • Steelwork                                        Van den Oetelaar Metaal
  • Conservation, woodwork             Multiship Holland
  • Wood                                               Havenhout
  • Earthwork                                       Trip-Hek
  • Quai blocks                                     Struyk Verwo Infra
  • Lighting/installation                     Seijsener
  • Aluminium                                      Jetze de Beer Metaalbewerking
  • Transport                                         De Vlas Transport
  • Structural calculations                   Adviesburo Constructies van der Laan and Mammoet Global Engineering
  • Terschelling History                      ’t Behouden Huys
  • Design                                               Marc van Vliet
  • Initiator                                           Tjebbe van Weeren
  • Client                                               Passantenhaven Terschelling

Subsidisers and sponsors:

Iepen Mienskipfûns
Passantenhaven Terschelling Foundation
Municipality Terschelling
Beheer Wakend Oog Foundation
Rabobank Coöperatiefonds
Rederij Doeksen
Dirk Mentz Fonds
Nautical club Het Wakend Oog
WestCord Hotels

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