Three Regions

Three Regions [Drie Streken]

At the 2016 Oerol Festival, three points of the compass were highlighted by means of Heliostats, with a tidal object at the centre. Floats provide a different shape and perception of the object during low and high tide. Visitors find themselves in a sacred space, caused by the tide, illuminated by the sun. At low tide, the installation is a tranquil spot on the mud flats, and at high tide people find themselves surrounded by water.

A sun/tide installation that involves the landscape all the way to the horizon. Drawing with the Sun [Tekenen met de Zon], altered by the forces of the Moon. Conscious of the rotation of the planet on which we all live, meeting together based on a shared fascination. We are not alone in this infinity.
As part of ‘Leeuwarden 2018’ and ‘Sense of place’, ‘The Regions’ was developed to travel along the Frisian coast in the coming years.


Maker; Marc van Vliet

Production; Wendy Moonen

Building installation with; Lucas Steenhuis, Jaap de Koning, Rob Grip, Anneke Hofman, Steven Schreuder

Thanks to; Leeuwarden 2018, Sense of place, Oetelaar staal, Jeroen Diderik, Volken de Vlas, Carex, Karel vd Heijden

Photo report Three Regions of Lucas Steenhuis;flickr-withtext

Time-lapse of the tides;                                 Unknown

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