“Breekbaar” is a search for the perception of the moment. It is fragile.

This performance will respond to the location, visitors, weather and atmosphere. A visual ritual, a musical installation, a poetic response, and where appropriate maybe a spectacular end. “Breekbaar” can be placed as a performance or an installation. Inside or outside. With this performance, the location plays an important role. This determines the perception of the performance, and takes the viewer from his daily reality. We like to find an exiting, special and illogical location together with the organizer. In a corn field, in the middle of a field with flowers, a special building, a clearing in the woods, in a church, a courtyard, etc. Therefore a site visit is desired.


Performance; Anneke Hofman, Steffanus Kor, Marc van Vliet

Music; Jeroen van Vliet

Production; Wendy Moonen

Technical support; Steven Schreuder, Wilco Alkema, Lucas Steenhuis


Thanks to;

Dijkstra Kleiwaren Sneek, Den Daas Terracotta Aalsmeer, vd Oetelaar metaal Schijndel, GreenSand

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